Welcome to Blooming Furs.


This site is still under development. As its only developer this will probably take a long time to build up.

Hello there!

Welcome to Blooming Furs!

About us:

The beginning...

This project started back in early August of 2019. I created this server after my old server got taken away from me. Since then I have grown my server to over 1300 users and counting! My entire passion for this sparks and revolves around the idea that, I just want to create a happy little community. I've always wanted to go by the "I just want to make people happy" rule, which has had its issues, but overall I think it has worked out. Sure, we've had some road bumps and whatnot, but what matters is the final product at the end of the day.

Where are we now?

Currently, I own one of the larger Furry discord servers on the platform. Yes, there are many more out there that are much bigger, and better. But a lot of them are missing a few things, like for instance a lot of bigger servers struggle to keep a happy and active chat, but my server is quite active. Additonally, a lot of furries are shy, and introverted, and we understand that. However, have no fear, because you are guaranteed to be noticed, and make lots of friends! Try it if you don't believe me!